work from home

Keep your employees safe and your business running smoothly with 90-days free

As developments around the pandemic COVID-19 come about, work from home policies are an effective way to keep your employees healthy without disrupting business as usual. To support you during this challenging time, we are offering 90-days free on our cloud unified communications or cloud contact center platforms, including Microsoft Teams direct routing.

Where to start

Whether you're new to remote work, or you're expecting an uptick in remote users, we'll make sure you're ready to handle it

I need a platform to support remote work, and fast!

Deploy nVX or Microsoft Teams direct routing tomorrow and be up and running within 7-days. Our team is committed to supporting you during this challenging time and with TetraVX quick deployments, we can get your remote workers the web-based tools they need to call, message, and meet all from the safety of their home.

I need to better train my users on how to work from home effectively.

If you have the platform, but you're concerned your employees don't have the best practices to use it, TetraVX can help you get your team ready to stay productive at home.

When it comes to working from home, consider these technology best practices


Whenever possible, use a wired connection

Since WiFi can sometimes have issues with range, interference, etc., you should use a wired connection whenever possible. If you must use WiFi, make sure you have appropriate coverage and use Audio Test Service to validate connectivity.


If your bandwidth is limited, consider device control

If you begin to have issues with sufficient bandwidth to complete your daily tasks, you should reduce the number of bandwidth-hogging devices connected to the network. With schools closing for child safety, be sure to consider all the devices that may be active in your household. Consider that the use of streaming services, screen share, or video calling all take a significant amount of bandwidth.


Make sure you have the right hardware to keep voice quality up

Avoid echo, background noise, or screeching sounds during calls by using noise-canceling headsets. When possible, use DECT or wired headsets over Bluetooth. If you use a Bluetooth headset, be mindful of ranges. A standard Bluetooth headset can handle 5-15ft versus DECT which can allow 50ft to 200ft. If you prefer to use an IP phone over your softphone, you’ll need a POE switch or power supply.


Confirm you have the necessary software applications

For nVX users, you simply need to make sure you have Google Chrome available. If you are using applications like WebEx, Zoom, Skype for Business, or Teams, you'll need to make sure your PC, Mac, or mobile devices are capable of supporting the plugin and that all necessary software updates have been downloaded. Also, be sure when using these applications that you close unnecessary tools to keep system resources optimized.


Be mindful of your screen resolution

Having a large, high-resolution monitor is great but if you are presenting your screen to others in a web conference, it will result in poor experience due to higher bandwidth utilization.

Best practices for building a productive environment at home

Have a dedicated, distraction free workspace if possible

Not everyone has a home office but it is important to find a space that you can dedicate to work hours. 

Make yourself accessible to others on your team

Work from home requires employees to be focused yet easily be available to other co-workers. Learn to manage multiple communication channels including voice, message and text. 

Plan for your surroundings

Plan for who else will be home while you are home whether that be spouse, roommates, or children, and consider how that might impact your ability to focus, deal with background noise, etc.

Be aware of other interruptions you may experience

Other normal interruptions to be aware of can include noise from garbage trucks, lawn mowers and trimmers, deliveries, pets, and door bells ringing. This is part of life however planning your workspace with these in mind will help limit noise pollution.

Be considerate to your mental health

Working from home or “self-quarantine” can sometimes have a psychological impact. It’s important to stay connected with others and check in with teammates you would normally socialize with throughout your day. 

Find a way to separate your work from your home

When it comes to working from home, the lines can blur between personal time and work hours. It’s important to find a way to separate the two. For those with families, come up with a creative way to disconnect from your computer and engage in family time via dinner, games, or group activities. 

What does this mean for my company in the long-term?

There are a lot of things still unknown regarding COVID-19 and the impact it will have on us, our business, and the overall economy in the long-term. What we do know, is that a push towards stronger work from home policies has been coming for some time now and this just may be the catalyst that changes the way we work indefinitely.