Modernizing your business phone system

The days of your phone system being simply about dial tone are far behind us. Today’s modern business requires a tool that can empower your operations and bring your teams together.

Flexible endpoints mean happy users

Enable your users to work how they want to, from where they want to with the flexibility to pick the endpoint that works for them

SIP Phone

Our phone system works with most standard SIP devices

Web Application

No matter where you are, your phone is just a web browser away

Mobile application

Take your business phone system wherever you are. With robust functionality available directly via your smartphone, your ‘constantly on the go’ workforce will never skip a beat. 

Increase productivity with CRM Call Pop

Associate your incoming calls with your CRM data quickly and easily. With the ability to show CRM records using caller IDs, your employees won’t skip a beat during their customer interactions, providing a better, and more consistent, customer experience. 

Communications that go beyond voice

Today’s modern phone system is about more than just voice. With SMS and chat capabilities, your phone system becomes a true unification of our communications.

SMS Messages

Stay up to date with the preferred communication channels of today with the ability to message directly with a 10-digit cellphone number

Chat Messages

Bring your team together with chat available via both the mobile application and web broswer

Just as easy for admins, as it is for users

Simple Admin Portal

Simplify the management of your unified communications platform with quick add, bulk import/export, single-sign on, and provisioning via LDAP

Roles & Permissions

Granularly control the roles and permissions of your user base, granting features to the appropriate users and controling the security of your overall organization

Reporting & Analytics

Gain complete visibility into your organization's data usage with granular call detail records and summary reports

Robust Features
that enhance your business

Audio Conferencing

Ad-hoc or scheduled, multi-party audio conferencing

Busy Lamp Field

A light on an IP phone which tells you whether another extension is busy or not

Call Blocking

Identify individual numbers that can be blacklisted from calling your organization

Call Control

Stand and enhanced call control features allow users to manage their active calls effectively

Call Detail Records

Data records that provide the details of telephone calls and text messages

Call Forwarding

Forward voice calls with five different forwarding types

Call History

Users can view the historical records of their call activity

Call Monitoring

Allow manangement to barge, whisper, or silent monitor calls

Call Park/Pickup

Hold a line on one IP phone and retrieve it on another

Call Pop

Present customer information to your users when an inbound call occurs by data dipping against your own data sources

Call Queue

Place incoming calls in line to be answered while extension users are busy with other calls

Call Recording

Record calls automatically or on-demand and store those recordings for playback later on

Call Return

Call back any number from your call logs

Call Routing

Route calls based on pre-established rules and criteria like business hours

Call Waiting

Receive a notification of additional inbound calls while engaged in another

Caller ID

Identify caller by name and number

Caller ID Blocking

Block your Caller ID for outgoing calls


Message with internal employees directly from the web-based portal

Custom Voicemail Greeting

Create personal voicemail greetings and toggle between multiple greetings

Directory - Corporate

Browse through and call any internal contacts from the corporate directory

Directory - Personal

Manually create personal contacts or sync your personal Outlook contacts

Do Not Disturb

Prevent calls coming to an extension

Enhanced 911 (E911)

E911 provides a more accurate location of the IP phone based on a predefined Emergency Location ID Number (ELIN)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Answer and distribute incoming calls using an auto-attendant


Send 1 to 1, or 1 to many, intercom messages using analogue devices or IP phones

Music on Hold

Custom music per extension can play when a call is placed on hold


See whether users are available, on a call, or offline via the Presence icon

Ring Group

Ring multiple extensions on an inbound call by selecting from five different ring strategies

Receptionist Client*

Users can manage multiple calls directly from their desktop

Shared Line Appearance

Map a single extension on multiple devices

Simultaneous Ring

In addition to ringing the extension, up to 4 additional numbers can be defined to ring at the same time

Single Number FoIP

Send and receive faxes using your same 10-digit phone number

Single Number SMS

Send and receive text messages using your same 10-digit phone number and manage those texts using the web-based portal

Speed Dial

Pre-programm phone numbers to a physical button on an IP phone, allowing users to dial the number with one touch

User Portal

Users can access their softphone, chat, text, user settings, voicemail, and more all via their web browser

Voicemail to Email

Have voicemails sent to a users email via either an audio file or written transcription

*Device dependent

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