90-day Trial Period for TetraVX nVX or iCX

90-day Trial Period for TetraVX nVX, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, or iCX Contact Center with No Subscription Fees, Onboarding Costs or Term Commitment. 

Offer valid from March 18, 2020, through June 30th 2020 and subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Offer only applies to nVX (limited to 100 video users), Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, and iCX services and does not apply to connectivity (such as MPLS), other TetraVX services or any third-party services.
  • The Client may cancel until 15 days prior to the end of the 90-day trial period and only be responsible for costs of any inbound Toll-Free usage, international voice usage, the return of phones, and applicable taxes and fees.   
  • Client to be provided with VoIP phones of TetraVX’s choosing free of charge for its users during the 90-day trial period.
    • If the Client cancels, it is only responsible for the cost of returning the Phones.
    • If the Client does not cancel, it may lease or purchase the existing phones or order different phones.
  • Signed Statement of Work required, which includes the above terms and provides for a 12-month term unless canceled 15 days prior to the end of the 90-day trial.

Any questions about this offer should be directed to [email protected]