It’s Time for Law Firms to Modernize Their Communication Systems

For law firms to succeed in today’s fast-paced world, they need tools to communicate with their clients wherever and whenever necessary. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) can help.

Legal admin work continues to migrate to offshore, outsourced solutions. Firms that have yet to outsource feel intense pressure to reduce operating costs, while also expanding their suite of services to better meet client expectations. A streamlined, efficient UCC ecosystem improves the firm’s performance, increases accessibility and enhances the client-attorney relationship — keeping firms competitive. 

UCC tools support speed and conveniencewhich means better client service 

Many firms are grappling with increased attorney travel requirements and the rise of remote work. Without adequate UCC infrastructure to support these trends, there is a high likelihood of missed calls and delayed responses — practices that strain relationships with clients and key stakeholders. 

UCC tools preserve critical relationships by meeting the needs of a geographically diverse legal workforce:

  • Device flexibility — Modern UCC programs enable connection from any device, leading to heightened levels of client engagement and service, without the time and expense of in-person meetings. Important information finds attorneys where they are — whether in the office or on a plane. UCC systems can also attach the firm’s phone numbers to attorneys’ personal mobile phones, which eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple phone numbers and maintains professionalism. No matter where the call originates, it looks like it’s coming from the office. 
  • Instant communication — With UCC tools, attorneys and clients who are geographically separated can connect via instant message to share information in real time, reducing the need for in-person meetings. Modern UCC platforms also make instant messaging risk-free. Attorneys and clients can enjoy the convenience offered by popular social networks with the protection necessary to keep sensitive information confidential. These UCC options eliminate the antiquated communication and collaboration processes that can derail an otherwise positive client experience. 

Modern, efficient UCC boosts firm productivity

Instant communication and device flexibility allow firms to address client needs more quickly and efficiently. It’s important to recognize that inadequate communication processes incur a real-dollar cost on the firm. Every hour attorneys spend untangling communication issues is an hour that could be spent performing billable work.

By integrating UCC systems with existing timesheet and database software, all client work can be automatically tracked and allocated to the correct project. These capabilities elevate the firm’s communication and collaboration efforts without a major capital investment or operational change. In most cases, UCC programs also reduce tIT costs and traditional software maintenance requirements. 

As the legal industry rapidly modernizes to meet client expectations, UCC upgrades are essential. Attorneys and clients deserve communication that supports their needs whether they’re working remotely or in the office, enabling them to develop positive and mutually beneficial attorney-client relationships. 

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