Say “Goodbye” to Dropped Calls and Poor Voice Quality With AlertPro

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Dropped calls and poor voice quality can quickly bring business productivity to a halt. But faulty communications systems also have severe long-term effects, degrading a company’s reputation and challenging the bottom line.

To keep both employees and clients connected and productive, enterprises require high-functioning unified communications & collaboration (UCC) systems. But often, UCC performance monitoring ends soon after installation or only in a crisis, and quality issues, going unaddressed and unnoticed, escalate into critical situations. For strong client relationships and continued employee happiness, a 24/7 UCC monitoring system is essential.

That’s where AlertPro can help.

AlertPro software acts as an “eye in the sky,” watching UCC performance across the entire organization. The system monitors around-the-clock, watching for more than just outages and poor performance. AlertPro keeps an eye on network path and DSCP changes and performs continuous stress, QoS and Codec tests, reporting its findings to the Network Operations Center (NOC) and key business stakeholders.

But what makes AlertPro so valuable isn’t just its capacity to monitor thousands of devices, it’s how the system fields and sends alerts. AlertPro doesn’t just send an alert when service is severely degraded, it alerts in three stages to ensure business communication continues seamlessly.

  • Impacted – This stage signals the first sign of an issue. It clues in NOC employees and key business stakeholders to a choke point in the system, a network, device or connection that is not running at 100 percent. This step alerts them to a possible quality issue.
  • Warning – The second stage of alerts is sent when an issue arises that the help desk needs to address. Either the carrier or network performance has degraded, requiring immediate action in order to avoid the poor quality calls that could follow.
  • Critical – At this third alert stage, a part of the UCC system is down and inoperable. Calls are impacted and quality is at its lowest. While this is the most severe of alerts, the first two stages work to prevent incidents like this from happening in the first place.

Manage alerts in a centralized system.

Alerts are only as useful as they are easy to address. A unique feature of AlertPro is the single management platform. This centralized, horizontal view of the entire multi-vendor network ecosystem lets NOC employees see all UCC activity across the entire organization — whether it is across the office or across the ocean.

Easy access to the source of an alert is critical to its quick resolution. When an alert comes through the help desk, switching between screens and applications to follow up disrupts technicians’ workflows. But AlertPro sifts through the entire organization to find the source of the alert — drilling down to the specific user and device with just a few clicks. The system also shows who made the call and who they were calling. AlertPro does all of this without compromising user data.

What happens without monitoring and alerting systems like AlertPro?

When UCC applications aren’t performing adequately, employees will find their own communication solutions. That means bringing in unapproved tools and technology that they use on their own time — most often personal cell phones. Not only does this practice of shadow IT introduce security issues, but it reduces productivity and wastes investments made in UCC technology.

Without the ability to drill down to the source of an outage or quality degradation, it’s difficult to determine what happened during the call. The IT team and C-Suite might then begin pointing fingers, trying to figure out who is to blame. These unnecessary divisions among teams fail to provide a constructive solution to the problem. But when the source of an alert is clearly communicated and easily accessible, everyone can get back to work assured that the help desk is addressing the issue.

Bring organizational UCC up to optimum levels.

Communication is key, and AlertPro ensures that organizational communication is conducted at optimal levels across the entire enterprise. Reducing alert resolution time keeps call quality high and customers happy. Make that your reality with the continuous testing, centralized management platform, and enterprise-class monitoring that AlertPro offers.

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